Jail Release Hints

When you get that one phone call, use it to contact a close friend or family member who can make numerous phone calls and stand by the phone to receive returned phone calls and handle payment arrangements.

Be aware that the system does not work very efficiently, especially at night and on weekends. You can save time and money by making arrangements for jail release directly with a bondsman even though the bond premium will probably be higher than what an attorney would arrange with a bondsman. Bondsmen feel that a person who has an attorney is a lower flight risk. An attorney, however, will usually charge you a premium that is higher than his discount in order to arrange bail for you. That is understandable. After all, you are transferring to the attorney most of the headache and the hassle, so he is going to charge you for it.

There are some attorneys who will post bail for you in their own name. Be careful. I do not do this.   It is generally forbidden in federal court. Even where it is permitted in state court it puts attorney and client in a conflict of interest if the client misses a court appearance or a payment.  In either of those instances the attorney is likely to file an action to go off the bond and you may be returned to jail until you post a new one.
Suburban cities often set bail excessively high, but certain low risk offenders may arrange release through pretrial services at very low cost.

Dallas County Pretrial Release: 214-875-2324 (6 AM – 10:30 PM daily); Tarrant County Pretrial Release:  817-884-1465 (Mon-Sat. 7 AM to 7PM with an officer in the jail on Sunday); and federal pretrial services (Mon.-Fri. only, 8 AM -5 PM): 214-753-2450 (Dallas) or 817-978-4472 (Ft. Worth).

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